get out of your timeshare contract


“We get people out of their timeshare contracts.
That’s what we do. That’s all we do. And we do it well.” 


Get Out of Your Contract Quickly with the Help of Timeshare Assistance, Inc.

We are a private holding company based out of Orlando, FL with years of guaranteed experience liquidating troubled real estate assets.

Who can benefit from our services?

Our primary clients are distressed Timeshare and Vacation Ownership deed holders looking to be removed of the ever-rising financial burdens that these “assets” present.

Who are we?

Our team of Resource Managers are the industry’s premier liquidation experts and we are here to help you.

How does our service work?

All our Resource Managers work hand in hand with large inventory buyers and their licensed and bonded title companies – ensuring a quick and easy asset transfer.

At this point, this industry should be recognized for what it is: a total scam. People are knowingly misleading you and selling you something they know is completely misrepresented. Let’s be blunt: they are selling you something that is not only completely worthless, but is actually a financial burden!

This industry ruins lives, has done so repeatedly, and yet somehow it still exists in full force. Every time there is some scandal or some regulation that threatens the industry, it comes back newly packaged and with new names, but all the old tricks are still the same. All the intentional deceit is still there, and it is all backed by greed.

If you are on this website, you have most likely fallen victim to one of these scams and are looking to fix the situation. We won’t be able to help you get back any money that you’ve already lost, but we will be able to free you from your burden.

It will continuously blow my mind that this industry is allowed to continue, that all of this is “legal.” It’s certainly a low of humanity and unfortunately, it looks to be too big of a monster to ever stop. At least we are doing our share to fight the problem.

Not only do we get people out of their timeshares, we also aim to spread the word about what is actually going on in the industry (check out the blog posts). If you know anyone who is an unhappy owner of a timeshare (in other words, anyone that owns one), please send them to this website so that we can help them out.

While ideally I would love to outlaw and dismantle the entire industry (I doubt that’s possible), this small role that I’m playing brings me satisfaction. While pulling individuals out of the wreckage is helping, the real way to stop this industry is education and spreading the word. It is our responsibility to let as many people as possible know what is happening in this industry so that they can make informed decisions in the future, whenever they are facing one of those presentations. Anyone that knows the information on this website only has one possible outcome; they aren’t buying!

One sure fire way to realize that this business is not playing fair is the insane profits that it produces. You know what are the other companies that make these kinds of profits? Casinos and credit card companies. And needless to say it is obvious that they aren’t the “fairest” of companies when dealing with consumers. Just check out Vegas (but stay at a hotel of course!).

Hopefully that you aren’t reading this by the time that it is too late, but if you are, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will help you with your situation and get your out of this mess. It’s not fair, but it is what it is. Be sure to let the next person you know that is considering doing something like this about your experience and what ended up happening.

The best thing to do is pay it forward and keep someone else from making the same mistake that you did. At this point you should recognize that even if you used up your timeshares at the most ideal locations every single time that it was available, it would still be cheaper to simply get a hotel room during those dates (and you could get a really nice one too and still not even break even). Otherwise, just buy a property, because if you do, you will always be able to sell it again (which is not an option with your current situation, as you already know).

We will be happy to inform you and clarify anything you want regarding contracts, cancellations, refunds, and anything else. All you need to do is ask, as we have been working in this industry and will continue to self educate to make sure that we are the best in the business and keep working to satisfy the needs of our clients the best that we can.

we will help you get out of your timeshare contractRent hotels or purchase property are both viable options and both have their pros and cons, but obviously neither is a poor choice the way timeshare is. Do some research and make your own decisions, but you’ll inevitable conclude the same thing we have over and over again. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all. We will be happy to help you make an informed decision and assist you with that final decision if you should chose to hire us for the services that we provide.

Don’t let this happen to you! Get out of your contract today and take control of your life again.