About Us

owner of timeshare help companyMichael Keen, founder and CEO of Timeshare Assistance Inc., has been in the industry for over 25 years. After years of witnessing owners becoming victims to unethical practices that have become rampant and commonplace in the industry, he decided to open this company for the sole purpose of helping owners get out of their contracts.

This company has grown extremely rapidly since it’s opening over 15 years ago, and due to the overwhelming demand for its services, it now employs over 30 timeshare specialists. They have helped countless owners get out of their contracts and they can help you too. 

If you need assistance, you can talk with a specialists by filling out the contact form on the right and we will call you back right away. 

If you need to send mail or would like to visit the office in person, our address is:

1030 North Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801

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