how to be released from your timeshare contract#1) What is included in your deed transfer services?

A deed transfer is only provided for properties without a mortgage. Our partnership ensures that your timeshare will easily be absorbed by our designated partners. We know you have a lot on your mind, and the last thing you need is additional fees. Here is what is included in our costs:

* Ultimate Title Search * Estoppel Authentication * Title Review of Returned Documents

* Delivery and Preparation of Closing Documents * Title Company Closing Fees

* All Associated County Recordation Fees * Resort Mandated Transfer Fees

#2) Can my children inherit my timeshare when I die?

In most cases timeshare is real estate, just like a home, land or condominium. Your heirs, likely your children, will legally inherit your timeshare when you die. What is usually not disclosed during the sales presentation is that contracts include a “perpetuity” clause meaning “eternity”. Most owners without realizing have entered themselves into a contract obligating themselves and their heirs to pay fees forever.

#3) Do you rent of resale our properties?

Absolutely Not. We permanently and forever liquidate your ownership or legally cancel your contract.